Have you ever considered being a Martyr for the Lord?

In Trip Lee’s new song, “I’m Good” for his album that drops in 2.5 hrs! Yippeee!! He raps about a topic that may be foreign to most believers in the United States. His radical message is one of being a Martyr for Jesus and really enduring everything it takes.

In the New testemenat we find that Paul took suffering for the Lord seriously. Through years in prison, he still wrote some of the most profound chapters in the bible.

Even more so, there is a beautiful story about Stephen, in the book of Acts 6:8-15, we find a story of who many theologians call the First Martyr. Stephen who was a firm teacher of Christ, was accused of many conspirarsies and wrong doing by members of the synagouge. "They produced false witnesses, who testified, “This fellow never stops speaking against this holy place and against the law."(v.13).

False accounts were wrongly used against him, and he was killed for making the gospel famous. Yet till his death, the bible told us that Stephen’s face was like that of an angel (v.15). Even at his death, he was content and at peace because his love of Christ was beyond living in the flesh—- he died for the gospel.

So my question to you is, If you claim to love the Lord your God, will you be willing to die for the gospel?

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P.S.- Check out a great Sermon Jam on Radical Christian Sacrifice… I pray that it convicts you as much as it did me.