Over the past few weeks, the stresses of life have reminded me of how much I take advantage of God. I know you’re wondering, how does stress equate to taking advantage of God? For starters, I was self-reflecting sometime last week at the brink of a meltdown, and I realized that my stress is privileged. The fact that I have mountains of assignments due, exams, campus obligations, and work— are all out of the privilege of being a child of God.

As His child, He has blessed me to be in school, have a steady source of income, and a healthy amount of involvement in things that benefit me. God has and continues to focus on what makes Yencko happy. He never deprives me of my ultimate need— JESUS. The sacrifice on the cross is a constant reminder of how generous God is. He gave His only son and in addition, He gave us life knowing darn well that we are a bunch of sin prone idolaters. He knew that when we entered the earth He will have to remind us heavily on who matters most— HIM.

In knowing this, and really meditating on this reality— I couldn’t help but fall to my knees and thank God. Just thanking Him for blessing me and with a repentant heart, asking for forgiveness for being such a spoiled Christian. 

Do we really understand the depth of a blessing? The fact that living a blessed and whole life means that Christ becomes our absolute— sole source of EVERYTHING. Most importantly, we have access to God’s heart and the privilege to surrender ALL to Him, frees us from all of the stresses— and evidently makes us BLESSED.

If that wasn’t a heart check, then I don’t know what is.

Remember in those difficult times and even in the best times, that YOU ARE BLESSED.

Over & Out


His word alone speak volumes… Meditate, read, and listen for His voice as you read the book of Ephesians 

"There is a continual battle in our soulish realm that would convince us that our time in worship wastes our time & takes us away from the important things of God and His kingdom. THIS IS A LIE from the prince of darkness himself. Never underestimate the power of worship before God. Never underestimate our Father’s power that is released into our lives to break free of every chain and encumbrance so that we can enter into His glory and know Him intimately. This is HIS will for us above all else."


""You can’t just "say" you’re a Christian because you go to church. Demons can do that." -Heather Lindsey"


Heart Check: It’s a Matter of the Heart


As I continue to search my scriptures and connect with my spirit, my daily prayer always falls back on the condition of my heart. The heart is stunning—- physically, it is the systematic “hub” of the human body and controls the functioning of all organs. Without the heart we are lifeless and non-exsistent. It’s proper functioning is key to our survival. 

Beyond the physical, but similar to, the spiritual heart works the same in it’s function. Most times if the physical heart has a murmur, tumor, or clogged artery—-it’s a refelction of something else that’s not functioning in the body.

As Christians, our spiritual heart represents who we are in Christ and is the true pinnacle of our maturity and strength as believers. If your heart is a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26), new and governed by the love of Christ, your pattern of life is different and more concerete.

Like I’ve shared before, lately my devotions are leading me to a daily heart check. Asking myself questions such as: Who do I really love? Am I representing Christ in my actions and thoughts? Do I communicate with God based on relationship or treating him as a spiritual ATM?

These questions matter tremendously—-if we do not engage in a constant evaluation of our heart, we can easily become unhealthy and malnourished Christians.

A heart check is beyond a doctor’s visit—- but it’s enageing in a constant communication with God, studying to understand His word, challenging your faith, and learning to Love God and people unconditionally. 

Right Now: Ease off your computer and ask yourself the questions I listed above. Write them down. Mediate on them. Then take your answers to God wether good or bad— perform a Heart check and experience Growth.

Over & Out!


"Look at the Potter don’t look at the pot"

This song is a testament of where are I am in my walk now. Constantly being made over and formed into the woman God needs me to be. So if I ask for anything, it’s for you to look at the potter and not the pot, look at the builder and not the building— for I am clay being formed in the hands of my Creator. 

-Over & Out