Radical|S.O. ft Lecrae & J.Williams

Here is S.O.’s third single off of his sophomore album (released last week) “Radical”. I heard this song last week on the album and was taken a back by the tempo. With a title like “radical” I expected something crunk worthy. But what I got instead was a neck nodder and shoulder bumper. Love the message of this song, it really embodies the desire of all saints— to be fully RADICAL for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Not caring about the status quo, but rather furthering the message of the gospel above all.


#ThrowbackThursday….well not really: Timothy Brindle

Good day peeps! 

Every Thursday Instagrammers get a kick out of baby pictures, toothless class photos, and adorable candid moments from the past. I figure, Instagram shouldn’t have all the fun so I decided that as often as I can, I’ll do a “Throwback Thursday” post that relates with music, lifestyle, or whatever. 

Today’s post isn’t really a “Throwback” but it certainly feels like it! A new joint from none other than Lamp Mode’s Timothy Brindle does takes me back to a time when I was just a young lad…lol The music video of Brindle’s song titled “Christ restores…” literally takes us back to 1993. 



The artistry of the video stays committed to the raw, street, and tough personality of Rap in the early 90’s. With multiple features, baggy clothes, an “MTV raps” style logo at the bottom corner, and an effortless scratch session from the DJ (totally screams 90’s rap)— the video certainly embraces the 90’s. 

Beyond the artistry, I find that Brindle delivering the lyrical content of Christ’s restoration in a 90’s setting, reminds a lot of believers about the power of the gospel and culture. It’s so easy for us to be comfortable with modern Christian Hip-Hop and get wrapped up in the sonic advancement and mixing technologies that the potential for deep lyrical content and messages escape us all. Brindle juxtaposes the simplicity of Christ’s message with the simplicity of one sixteen and a raw beat. 

Even though this wasn’t really “Throwback” it felt like it…I promise next time we’ll explore some old school memories that will bless you.

Check out Brindle’s video here.

Thoughts? Do you like Throwback Thursday’s?